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There are several Virtual assistants a.k.a. VA companies in the market, several freelancers representing as a VA. We would filter and allow Virtual Assistant Companies to review and send you their price quote, for the submitted task request. Free Registration at the virtual list for hassle-free and fast selection for a Virtual Partner. Submit Now.

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No worries our panel of assistants work round the clock to analyze, check and list only the best Virtual Assistant Companies. Customer's requirement posts are reviewed and analyzed to submit the best competitive pricing securely and safely through our network. VA Company selection is easy now. Take Advice Now...

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It is not that easy to research, identify a Virtual Assistance from few Google Search. But with The Virtual List, it's easy as Companies from various verticals reviews requirement to quote the best Competitive Price. Often services are offered for Free as trials.  Check out now, Submit you requirement here...

Benefits of The Virtual List - Reviewing VA Companies

Large organizations, professionals, industries all Unite here with there best foot in front. So Businesses can have better work experience. For enhanced security and privacy review your custom requirement from Companies before contacting them directly. We review and list only the industry's top and best Virtual Assistance Companies.


No more hiring for separate talent.

The beauty of hiring talents is, you don’t need to hire separate talents for customer support, website maintenance, social media maintenance, online marketing, lead generation, cold calling, personal assistants for clients follow up, CRM management as your dedicated virtual assistant will do all of them.


No Training Needed.

Virtual assistants have been helping entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and business owners with improving their sales and saving they need little to no training from your side.


Costs 60% Less than Full-Time Employee.

Simply put, real estate’s top leaders offload tedious & mundane tasks for 60% less than the cost of a full-time employee, letting them focus on building their business & growing their revenue.


Diversity of Services.

Diversified in their services offering help with: travel arrangements, marketing support, calendar management, project research, social media, data presentations, mission-critical recurring tasks, first impressions and voicemail, C-level support, and more.


Highly Secured & Skilled Business Assistance at Work.

Tasks like travel planning, flight booking, email management, and high-level projects like managing the complete operations of small businesses like email and chat support, order processing, logistics. Specialized services like accounting, website designing, development and digital marketing making them a one-stop solution for several personal and business needs. Assistants who are solution providers rather than taskmasters.24/7 support with reliable and experienced graduates and project leads. High-end security system and NDA’s signed to ensure the safety of information.


Proactive & Back-up Assistant.

A proactive company culture that provides systematic and well-defined feedback, development coaching, ongoing educational opportunities, and in-depth mentorship to your primary and back-up virtual assistant.


Manage High-Value Task.

The ability to manage high-value tasks such as prospect development and lead generation, CRM data entry and maintenance, travel arrangements, scheduling, expense reporting, document preparation, email management, incoming and outgoing calls, and so much more.


100% Transparency.

One of the top benefits is 100% transparency, what you see is what you get. The Team specializes in business services that are vital to the success of your business including help with finances, management, and office associates. The Creative Team makes sure the creative side of your business is up to par by providing services from designers, artists, illustrators, writers, editors, audio technicians, and more. The Technical Team is made up of professionals that focus on operating systems, big data, analytics, and more.


World wide Coverage & Availability.

Busy entrepreneurs and business owners can get, and that’s why the focus on providing you with excellent virtual assistant services. Virtual Assistances works with companies across the globe and focuses on helping you more easily and affordably grow your business.

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