Concentrix Looks To Fill In Huge Demand For Outsourcing In PHL.

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Concentrix Looks To Fill In Huge Demand For Outsourcing In PHL

THE local unit of California-based business-process outsourcing firm Concentrix hopes to capture a portion of the “huge demand” for outsourcing in the Philippines, the largest delivery area for the company.

Concentrix Philippines Country Leader Stephan Daoust said his group remains bullish on the Philippines and hopes to generate around 6,000 new jobs through the deployment of new contact center facilities, like its unit in Makati City that was launched on Tuesday.  

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“We expect to grow between 5,000 employees and 6,000 employees for our client base,” he said in a press briefing. “We see strong growth for Concentrix and we want to reaffirm our position and commitment to the Philippines.”

Currently, Concentrix is the largest private employer in the Philippines with roughly 90,000 talents spread across its 45 facilities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

He refused to disclose areas of growth for the company, but said that his group is readying itself to address the growing demand for customer experience solutions by partnering with academe and local governments for talent sourcing and training.

Tuesday saw the company introducing its newest facility, which spans about 24,000 square meters of floor space, catering to about 3,000 employees. The facility is home to services such as sales, customer service, technical and back office support. It services Concentrix’ global clients in automotive telematics, communications, utilities, retail, e-commerce, technology and banking.

“Infrastructure and facilities are designed to work with and around the needs of our staff. So we invest a lot in making every square foot of space comfortable and conducive for our employees to succeed,” Daoust said.

The Ayala North Exchange facility is equipped with various convertible spaces, clinics, a fitness center, a lactation room, sleeping pods, lockers, meeting rooms and an innovation hub. These, Concentrix Philippines Senior Director Larah Sta. Maria, are all included to cater to the evolving demand of employees for personal growth and development.

“It is a very critical space for us as an organization,” she said.

She noted that her group’s push to develop facilities and new talents is in line with the company’s goals for the Philippines.

“We’re really trying to build our presence in our country,” she said. “There’s a huge demand and there are a lot of opportunities.”

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