Custommedia Unveils Software Testing Outsourcing To Business And Developers In The Middle East.

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Custommedia Unveils Software Testing Outsourcing To Business And Developers In The Middle East

Software solutions provider CUSTOMMEDIA is set to support the region’s maturing industry by offering comprehensive software testing solutions that cater to every type of business and development firm.

CUSTOMMEDIA’s Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil, Head - Professional Services, reckons that the company’s entrance into the regional software testing market is timely: “it is estimated that, worldwide, the software testing market is worth US$4 billion and there’s a good deal of potential here in the Middle East. We’re part of the Malaysian Software Testing Board, and we’ve been in this area for some time in South East Asia so we believed it was time that we extend those services here.”

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CUSTOMMEDIA offers three types of software testing services. The first is software testing consultancy. The second is outsourcing testing activity, and the third is software testing using automated testing tools.

Software testing consultancy services is typically for a software development company or an organization, such as a government department or agency, which does their own software development. CUSTOMMEDIA can assist them by building up their testing team inside the company through the establishment of testing processes and training.

Outsourcing software testing services is typical for software development companies or organizations that do not intend to have their own software testing team.  They can choose to outsource their software testing either partially or totally to CUSTOMMEDIA.

CUSTOMMEDIA also offers testing services using automated software testing tools.  Typically automated software testing tools are used for regression testing of any software product.

“Currently, CUSTOMMEDIA conducts software testing training quarterly in Malaysia, as well as in other countries. What we’d like to do however is establish partnerships with companies who can provide support to customers, and who focus in this area,” added Abdul Jalil.

Founded in 1990, CUSTOMMEDIA offers software and multimedia solutions that are custom built for the needs of the client. By rounding off its product portfolio with software testing, Abdul Jalil believes CUSTOMMEDIA will become the developer’s partner of choice.

“We’ve been in this business for a long time and we have capabilities that others lack. By taking our experience companies can better leverage off their technology spending to realize a higher return on investment and a greater focus on the business itself. That’s the value that we can add to the client,” he concluded.

About MSC Malaysia (www.Msc.Com.My)MSC Malaysia is a national initiative spearheaded by the Malaysian Government to promote both the national ICT industry and provide a test-bed for the global ICT industry.  MSC Malaysia provides a conducive enabling environment designed to facilitate companies to harness the full potential of ICT and multimedia technologies.  With its ideal business environment coupled with the availability of talent resources, the MSC Malaysia has attracted participation from major  global ICT companies to develop and host their leading-edge technologies in the designated  MSC Malaysia Cybercities. MSC Malaysia also provides the ideal growth environment for Malaysian ICT SMEs to transform themselves into world-class companies.

Come explore the unlimited opportunities of the ICT world by locating in MSC Malaysia and be part of our global network of businesses and connected communities.

About Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is a unique high powered government-owned corporation, established to facilitate the development and promotion of MSC Malaysia, the premier Malaysian ICT initiative. MDeC is tasked to advise the Malaysian Government on ICT legislation and policies, develop MSC Malaysia as a key growth driver of the economy and set breakthrough standards for ICT and multimedia operations. MDeC also promotes MSC Malaysia locally and globally, as well as supports companies which are located within the MSC Malaysia designated areas.

MDeC works closely with various parties and government agencies to ensure that MSC Malaysia offers a conducive enabling environment for companies to harness the full potential of ICT and multimedia technologies.

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