Farragut Systems And Long Group Consultants Partner On Growing Workers’ Compensation Compliance Concerns.

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Farragut Systems And Long Group Consultants Partner On Growing Workers’ Compensation Compliance Concerns

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Farragut Systems, a trusted leader in Workers’ Compensation technology, and Long Group Consultants, a provider of outsourcing services to Workers’ Compensation carriers, today announced their formal partnership bringing the two companies together to develop and market products designed to address the growing requirements, complexities and costs of Worker’s Compensation statistical reporting.

Farragut’s technological expertise together with Long Group’s ability to partner with core system providers allows the partnership to integrate products seamlessly with carrier’s current operations. Long Group’s internal clients have already experienced the benefits of the partnership and ongoing talks with potential customer carriers promise to extend that in 2020.

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Statistical reporting requirements have grown significantly over the past five years. In that time, Data Collection Organizations, including NCCI and the independent state bureaus, have introduced new data calls, new data types and expanding data quality initiatives with a focus on more data, more often and more accurately.

As a result, Workers Compensation carriers have experienced a flurry of change, increase in costs and a new dimension to reporting: one of constant interaction. The products developed by the partnership will help ease the strain carriers are feeling and allow for an easier exchange of both data and communications between all parties in the statistical reporting environment.

“LGC's passion, drive, and values are a strong match with Farragut's--together we make a powerful partnership aligned around the mission to serve and transform the work comp data reporting industry. I am thrilled with our alliance.” – Allen Gavilan, VP of Workers' Compensation Solutions

“The technological and development ability of Farragut is vital to our partnership. We help form ideas to fit real industry needs and provide expert knowledge, but Farragut makes those ideas a reality.” – Kate Long, Vice President Long Group Consultants, Inc.

Farragut brings to the partnership unmatched experience and ability in statistical reporting systems, statistical data and the technology used by the Industry to manage statistical reporting operations on both the Data Collection Organization and carrier side.

Long Group Consultants offers extensive experience, expert knowledge and an essential ability to partner with core system providers and carriers themselves to support the statistical reporting function.

About Farragut

Farragut Systems, Inc.2775 Meridian Parkway Durham, NC 27713URL: https://workcomp.Farragut.Com/

Farragut Systems is a trusted leader in Workers Compensation technology. Farragut has worked with Data Collection Organizations and insurance carriers to deliver transformational software solutions for the past 26 years.

About Long Group Consultants

Long Group Consultants, Inc.2565 Thompson Bridge Rd. Suite 206 Gainesville, GA 30501URL: https://www.Longgroupinc.Com/

Long Group Consultants is an outsourcing firm focused on making quality Statistical Reporting Services highly available to Worker’s Compensation carriers. By building relationships among carriers, bureaus and software vendors, Long Group Consultants has fostered a valuable network that enables fluid data movement and communication.

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