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Imagine! How great it would be if you have an expert to lend you a helping hand to manage your real estate business efficiently?

Isn’t it?

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Being into a real estate business if you wear many hats at a time, it would be difficult to give your 100% to a particular task.

But yes if there is less work pressure or less burden of work then your concentration on each task would be much better.

“The virtual real estate assistants have emerged as an effective resource that not only holds expertise in work but are also easy to find without investing much time”

There is a wide array of tasks that a virtual real estate assistant can take off from the plate and save a lot of time for you.

Among the plethora of virtual real estate assistant tasks, property listing is one of them that needs to be presented in a commendable way in order to entice the buyers.

Let’s check out:

The Role of a Virtual Real Estate Assistant in the Concern of Property Listing

The property listing is an important part of selling and managing any property, thus virtual real estate assistants lay emphasis on every aspect to make it better in every way.

Property Listing Website Research

If you keep on listing your property on a handful of property listing websites then obviously the reach of the property will be limited and the opportunities will also be less.

In order to make the property reach large chunks of audience, a virtual real estate assistant performs extensive research to find the property listing websites.

The more you list, the more the audience will be attracted.

As a realtor, you may have thousands of tasks to take care of and maybe time-constraint can restrict you to consistently keep all the listings sites updated.

But with a virtual real estate assistant, you do not have to worry about that.

There are two types of property listing websites:

Paid and Free

For instance, let’s check out a few property listing websites that offer free as well as paid services as per your convenience.

· Zillow

· Trulia

· Hotpads

· Streeteasy.Com

· Realtor.Com

· LoopNet

· RealtyTrac.Com

· Apartments.Com

You might be wondering:

Why opt for paid services when the option is available for free listing services?

You might have heard, sometimes you have to pay a price to outrank your competitors.

This is what you can do with the paid services.

Free property listing services are something that everyone wants to go for.

If you also choose the same, then it is a bit difficult to stand out from the crowd of sellers.

But paid services are not chosen by every realtor, thus, the crowd of sellers gets automatically filtered.

And you become a premium class seller.

Paid services not only help you to rank your property in the property search but also gives it more exposure.

As a result, the possibility of getting a property sold in no time increases.

Most importantly, you can separate yourself from the crowd of thousands of sellers.


If we talk about the paid services, the price of the services vary as per the location (the location where you want to list your property) and the target audience (whether it is premium class or lower and middle class).

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