Importance Of Job Requisition.

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Importance Of Job Requisition

Job requisitions are essential elements of HR function.

Job requisitions are essential elements of HR function.

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Department supervisors who want to hire additional staff, or replace employees who resign or are terminated, generally have to complete a job requisition. A requisition is forwarded to the human resources department for handling by the recruiter. The recruiter then places job postings based on the requisition and discussions with the hiring manager or department supervisor. Job requisitions, for the most part, are part of the checks-and-balances procedures that many organizations follow for workforce planning and staffing actions.


A long-form job requisition that includes the job description is essential for creating an accurate job posting. A job requisition typically includes the job title, department, fill date, and the requisite skills and qualifications for the job. If the job entails more than what's contained on the most recent job description, the hiring manager usually can note that on the requisition. The job requisition codifies the requirements of the job and ensures that recruiters fill the position to the satisfaction of the hiring manager.


Job requisitions become part of the employment section's files that indicate how many positions the company has recruited for and how many have been successfully filled. If there are any questions about why the recruiter or employment specialist is sourcing candidates, the job requisition can substantiate the recruitment efforts. This is particularly important with hard-to-fill positions, which may require extensive work for recruiters. Job requisitions create a paper trail in the event that the organization needs to review the recruiting steps or modify the job posting.


When job requisitions are part of the recruitment and selection process, the organization can measure the efficiency of its recruiting efforts. HR managers regularly review job requisitions, the process to attract qualified applicants, and the staff time necessary to follow through the recruitment and selection process until a job offer is made. This information can be converted into useful metrics for the HR department. For example, if the company has an average of 10 job requisitions each month and it requires 25 hours of staff time for each job filled, the total staff time necessary is 250 hours per requisition. Using this measurement, the HR department can justify hiring additional recruiters or cutting back on its recruitment team.


Likewise, metrics related to job requisitions can help determine whether the organization should consider outsourcing its recruitment functions. The decision to keep recruitment in-house or contract the services of a corporate recruiter may depend on how many job requisitions the company orders and how long it takes to fill each position. If an outsource provider says it can reduce the time-to-fill number, it could be in the employer's best interest to outsource its recruiting functions. Time to fill refers to the number of days between the job requisition and the candidate accepting a job offer, divided by the number of job openings.


HR departments document processes for a number of reasons. Conducting an HR audit includes reviewing processes to determine how effective they are and whether they're in compliance with employment regulations. For job requisitions that become part of the recruitment and selection process, an audit of the process for completing job requisitions determines whether the company is in compliance with fair employment laws that govern nondiscrimination in the workplace. In addition, there's a tremendous benefit to documenting HR processes when there are staff changes, such as employees on leaves of absence or on vacation. When job requisition processes are on file, a temporary or replacement employee can pick up the process without difficulty.

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