Top Startups Working On Conversational AI In India.

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Top Startups Working On Conversational AI In India

Remember the times when, during a problem with an order from Flipkart or Amazon, one would have to wait hours on call for an agent to attend and resolve the issue? Not many years back, the same bottleneck was also faced by many while ordering food from companies like Swiggy and Zomato. 

Thanks to the introduction of conversational artificial intelligence (AI), which gave rise to the use of chatbots and voice assistance that are now used by major companies for resolving customer issues, driving employee engagement etc. And also for people at homes, to complete a number of minimal tasks such as changing music to switching off light bulbs. 

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Since conversational AI has witnessed a massive growth in the Indian market and is in demand, let’s have a look at a number of startups who are bringing in solutions and products related to conversational AI.


The Bengaluru based organisation came into force in the year 2017 and had been growing with innovative ideas in the field of conversational AI. Senseforth provides AI-powered bot support to a variety of companies ranging across different industries such as banking, retail, healthcare, insurance, telecom, automotive, real estate and education. With its different industry AI models, the organisation helps other companies to acquire customers with personalised interactions and engage the customers with a one-on-one conversation. Senseforth also provides the best of both worlds with its hybrid chatbots.


Started in 2013, Haptik chatbot startup went on to become a leader in its field by availing 16 different channels of texts and voices for users to build and deploy conversational apps. The organisation provides custom apps for both Android and iOS users and also has a personalised assistant mobile app AI for human assistance. Haptik allows a user to set a reminder, plan vacations, pay bills and access other services such as checking train status, ordering food, and booking movie tickets.

The Chatmate

The organisation helps to build a chat platform which allows companies to attend visitors who are checking the company’s website. From simple questions to specific problems, Chatmate is capable of curating a platform as per an organisation’s need. Chatmate provides crisp and clear connectivity to the users via touch, text and voice user experience. A few features of the platform are installation of Chatmate plugin on the website and handling multiple clients at a single point of time.

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Although this organisation provides prescriptive and descriptive analytics for users to grow customer engagement and recommend actions to other companies, it also consists of a natural programming language engine by the name Maya. Manthan’s Maya is designed to become a business assistant and is capable of answering a number of queries such as sales trends, the profit of the month etc. To get back to the queries, Maya is designed to go through millions of data points at a single time, analyse them using sophisticated analytics and get back to the user within seconds with an accurate answer. 


Bash.Ai was founded in 2017, and the organisation brought in an innovative idea to change the way the human resource process works. The organisation helps in automating the HR system with the help of a virtual assistant and replicating cognitive functions of the HR. With the use of AI and big data, Bash’s chatbot helps organisations to communicate effectively with their employees in an automated matter which increases productivity and is superfast. One can also access the HR chatbot through messengers such as Slack and Skype.

G.I Labs India

The organisation aims to bring in innovation in the field of AI-based virtual assistants. Based out of Kolkata, the company focuses on helping business entities to have their customised voice and chat enabled AI virtual assistant equivalent to Apple’s Siri and Alexa of Amazon. The virtual assistant of G.I Labs is designed to understand questions regarding the products and services sold by a company and swiftly answer back. The organisation also has AI receptions powered by virtual reality which will deal with complaint booking and appointment system. 

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The Bengaluru based company, Reverie, aims to allow organisations to communicate better with the customers through a multilingual platform. The company has created a voice assistant for non-English speakers in the country which consists of seven local languages and has named the software ‘Gopal’. The language solution brought by the Reverie provides a complete Indic language experience for the users.

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